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Amateur Radio

Our fisrt Amateur Radio Station was at Fort Perch Rock, where we had the callsign: GB4FPR

Our amateur equipment consists of a Kenwood TS570DG transceiver together with a MFJ manual tuner covering 1.8 to 28 mhz.A power supply for 13.8 volts and a 27 foot vertical multiband aerial with a Daiwa cross needle swr/power meter and a nice set of Kenwood headphones. We have had many qso’s with lots of stations on all continents throught the world using both cw and ssb and a maximum of 100 watts output, also sent and received many qsl cards from all over the world either direct or via the bureau.

Our new Amateur Radio Station is on the Planet Lightship, and the callsign is GB2LBL

Our QSL manager “Bob” also obtains some “special event” cards having them specially made to suit the occasion by his friend ”Bill” Newman call sign M0BNN. All QSL cards for the Titanic (GB100MGY) went to Bob Bunker, our QSL manager, callsign M0BZZ. A number of our club members have recently been busy with the 501-504 khz band, modifying transmitters and receivers adding desensitising circuitry etc with particular help from graham who has helped considerably on this low band area of communications. For this low band we have a straight 600 foot wire aerial from the fort to the lighthouse which has a particularly good take off when the tide is in! We are located right by New Brighton beach (so don’t forget your bucket and spade when you visit us) hi-hi.

Also we have a 600 foot loop aerial around the fort mainly for reception on 501-504khz or on cross-band contacts on 3.5 or 7.0mhz band for a low noise level background which seems to function quite well. On Marconi day in april 2009 we stayed overnight taking it in turns to send cw on 502khz and receive crossband on 3.5 mhz and in the early hours of the morning managed a qso with VO1MRC, Joe in St. John’s Newfounland thus repeating what Marconi himself did approx 100 years ago with sending a signal across the atlantic on this low frequency band using about 1 watt erp in our case.

QSL card
            amateur radio

The four guys who made this possible were, Mike, John, Graham and Clive, Mike managed to get the actual qso with VO1MRC helped by cheese butties and pickled onions LOL!! Oh! yes and the tide had just come in as well in the early hours of around 0145 ish. (yawn!!) Great celebrations took place in achieving this “pond hop” it was pickled onions all round and a warm cuppa coffee to keep us awake for the rest of the night. Anyway we all enjoyed it but a few of us lost brownie points at home for being out all night! hi-hi You try telling the missus you been pounding a morse key all night with three other guys---see what she says. LOL!

We have recently had the new Cunard ship Queen Victoria visit Liverpool on one of her U.K. cruises. A red ensign was dipped as she passed Fort Perch Rock and the ship was called up on the Aldis lamp. The Fort’s cannon’s were also fired as she passed the Fort in welcoming her to LiverpoolOur best dx was a cq call on ssb by “Bob”one morning on 18mhz band and who came straight back to us??

A guy in Tasmania, “Bob” certainly was in the right place at the right time that day—great excitement and only a maximum of 100 watts to a vertical antenna as well. Bob also got a 579 rst signal report from him!
See you on the bands no doubt in the future
Cheerio and 73’s to all readers.

Titanic Memorial Radio Event
Callsign: GB100MGY

This will take place from Fort Perch Rock Maritime Radio Museum starting from April 6th through to April 26th. Please listen out for us on all amateur bands CW and SSB and QSO if you hear us.

We also have very special permission to use this callsign from 12th APRIL to 18th April on the 501 to 504 khz band. Listen out for us on 502 khz. CW. A crossband reply on 3566 or 7066 khz for those without 500 band licences.

We will be active overnite on April 14th/15th so please listen for us on 502 khz CW during these hours also. Hope to hear you on the bands! Thank you and 73’s to all

See our special website for GB100MGY:
(**Website currently under construction**)

This is the QSL card for the GB100MGY Titanic event in April of this year 2012


titanic 100 year anniversary card

All QSL cards for this TITANIC GB100MGY event to go to BOB M0BZZ either direct or via the buro. NO eqsl’s.
Special thanks for help with this GB100MGY event go to Mr. David Wilkins of the KENWOOD-ELECTRONICS company who very kindly loaned us some radio transceivers and associated power supplies. These items included a KENWOOD TS590S and a KENWOOD TS480SATtransceivers and prove to be “just the Job”.

qsl card

qsl card

qsl card

qsl card

qsl card

qsl card

qsl card


Letter sent to the Captain of the QUEEN VICTORIA after her visit to Liverpool 2010:
The Captain
Queen Victoria
C/o Cunard Line
Carnival House
100 Harbour Parade
SO19  1ST
11th October 2010

Dear Captain,

We would like you to accept our QSL Card (acknowledgement), on behalf of yourself and crew, for your spectacular visit to Merseyside on 26th July. When we saluted you with our cannon and Merchant Navy flag, from our historic fort of Perch Rock. Thank you for responding with your mellow whistle and VHF call. Your visit was greatly appreciated by all at the Fort and the people of Merseyside. We would like to apologise for the time taken to go into print but we wanted to collect the most favourable photo. Should you require any further copies, please let us know.

Yours sincerely,
Stan McNally
For Custodians & Retired Members of the Merchant Navy
Fort Perch Rock
New Brighton
Web Site:

Reply from Captain of the QUEEN VICTORIA:

reply from the queen victoria

Here is our latest picture of BOB M0BZZ which shows him sitting on the wall in front of the WIRRALCAM CAMERA AT THE FORT, picture taken by Radio Amateur Derek from SWEDEN off his PC a few weeks ago, shows New Brighton and boating lake in the background and of course the seaside at New Brighton.

bob the qsl manager