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An MN related poem that will relate to Ex Radio Officers

How many times we’ve sat there
Sending messages by the score
Billions of dots and dashes
O’er the heavens they would roar

Did you ever think what happened
When they hurtled into space
Soon light years from their origin
And still gathering speed apace

Maybe on some planet
Many galaxies from here
All our dots and dashes
Will be invading someone’s ear

Yes, they may be out there listening
To everything we’ve sent
Even those without a call sign
Our anger to give vent

Imagine their disappointment
When suddenly it stops
Just a massive void of silence
Replacing all those dash and dots

The astonishment on the face
Of some green faced little nerd
A hundred years of listening
And he couldn’t read a word

Yet all of us can sympathise
It’s happened to us as well
Our feelings too were shattered
When we first heard the knell

But don’t give up my alien friend
For some day it will return
And that glorious cacophony of sound
Will cause your ears to burn

Because, when advanced communications
Have been cut off at their source
They’ll turn once more to that elite band
Of men who can read MORSE.
Steve Teare R.I.P