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The Wireless Operators 'IF'

Another MN related poem that will relate to Ex Radio Officers

If you can keep your nerves when all about you 
Are stations jamming hard and blaming you; 
If you can hold the air though others flout you, 
Until you get your longest message through: 
If you can send and not grow weary sending, 
Nor overtire the man who has to read; 
If your mistakes are rare but prompt their mending,If you believe that haste is never speed. 

If you can calmly contemplate the chatter 
Of greenhorn operators fresh from school; 
If you can sit with messages that matter 
And wait until they’ve finished – and keep cool. 
If you can read through half a dozen stations 
The weaker signals that are meant for you 
And pick ‘em out with few interrogations,  
Yet never feel ashamed to ask those few. 

If you’re a Jack of All Trades, tinker, tailor, 
If there’s scarce a thing you cannot do, 
If you’re an electrician and a sailor 
Telegrapher,  accountant, lawyer, too; 
If you’re propelled by energy that’s tireless, 
If you don’t fear a job that’s never done, 
Then, take my word, you’re fit to work at WirelessAnd any thing you get – you’ll EARN, my son.

Wireless World’ - 1913 
Reprinted: ‘Signal’ 

This poem kindly sent in to us by Alan Lake ex M.N. Radio Officer Clan/Union Castle line