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Radio Exhibits

This page includes photos and information about a selection of radio items that are currently on display in the marine radio room at Fort Perch Rock.

The 1st station consists of a Marconi Marine radio station consisting of Atalanta rx, Oceanspan 7 tx, Salvor 3 emergency tx, Sentinel emergency receiver, Autokey N akd device, Lifeguard N auto-alarm. Lodestar 3 direction finder, aerial switching unit and battery charging unit.

The 2nd station is also a Marconi station being consolized and consisting of Commandant HS Main tx, Salvor 4 emergency tx, Alert emergency Rx, Apollo main rx, (A Different aerial switching unit to above station). Akd clockwork autokeying device. Also a Nebula main receiver is fitted in the rack as well as a Skanti Transceiver.

radio room radio

The 3rd station is a Kelvin Hughes radio station consisting of a S1250 Zealand main tx, auto alarm, auto keying device, main synthesized receiver, emergency receiver, aerial switching unit, emergency tx, all standardardized KH units.

Other items on display include a variety of equipment from well known marine manufacturers like Marconi, Koden, Sailor, Nera, Sperry, Decca. We also have a couple of lifeboat radios---one being from a Russian vessel!

We have lots of smaller MN radio and navigational aids units in the MN memory room together with stories and pictures of ships that people find very interesting.

Come and visit us sometime. We are sure you would enjoy yourselves!

radio room map