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Chas Duggan MN ETO for Landsend radio GLD and Radio room pictures

David Hopcroft Ex GKZ OIC for Humber radio GKZ pictures and information

Clive Evans MN ETO for some FPR pictures and write ups

Larry Bennett Ex GKA R/O and his colleagues for Portishead radio GKA pictures
Find his website on our links page

British Telecomm PLC for some coast station and GLD pictures

Jan Bulder PD0SRF for some coast station pictures

Phil Plimbolt for spares and equipment donations

Michaela Pearson for assistance with website

Arabella Mcintyre-Brown for extracts from her book 'Time and Tide' regarding Bibby Line history and M/V Derbyshire

Eddie Wallace for permission to use his MN Standard Bearer pictures

Bill Newman M0BNN for making great QSL cards for the FPR

The following Ex Radio/Electronic Officers
Tom Eaves - Landsend radio aerial photo and information
Graham Mitchell - ships and Fort pictures
Glen Dunston - Titanic radio room pictures
Ken Berry - Radio room pictures
Alan Lake - Radio room pictures and poem
Don Armour - Radio room and Fishing vessels pictures
Kris Dunham - Radio room pictures
Tony Selman - Radio room pictures
Gordon Smeaton - Radio room pictures
Willie Williamson IMR - Plaque/Charts pictures and write-ups
John Leary - Radio room and ship pictures
Byron (Degema) - Radio room pictures
Ian Smith - Radio room pictures
Pat Bourke - Radio room pictures
Robin J - Radio Room pictures
Bob Harrison - Radio room pictures
Edwin Chicken MBE - Radio room pictures and MN flag 1943 for FPR

Mr David Wilkins of Kenwood Electronic for loan of Kenwood radio equipment

Mike Jackson - 'Fish eye' lens pictures of Radio room at FPR

Ships Nostalgia Website - We have 'borrowed' a number of photos from here

Anyone whose photos we have used and do not know his or her names

If anyone has any problems with any of the photos or is the owner of any photos used on this website and wants credit or does not want them to be on this website, please do not hesitate to contact us details and we will remove them asap

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